Workers’ Co-operative Learning Materials

Capturing the heritage of the workers’ co-operative movement, 1970s-1990s

These learning resources and case studies have been designed to give a basic overview of the heritage of the workers’ co-operative movement during the 1970s-1990s.

These can be freely used by anyone and are available under a Creative Commons License ‘Attribution, Non-Commercial’

Lake School of English, Oxford, 1985. Photograph by Martin Stott.

Learning Resource 1: Early development of the workers’ co-operative movement 

Learning Resource 2: How workers’ co-operatives operated

Case Study 1: Delta-T

Learning Resource 3: Workers’ co-operative networks

Case Study 2Calverts

Learning Resource 4: Workers co-operatives and social change

Case Study 3: Unicorn Grocery

Learning Resource 5: Development of workers’ co-operatives post 1990s

Case Study 4: Paper Rhino